Monday, April 6, 2020

Beatmania controller using Arduino Leonardo

Im in the middle of a much needed rehab on my Dance Dance Revolution cabinet, which means its torn apart and unplayable at the moment. That's just no good, as I need some sort of BEMANI fix.

I have some Beatmania games I've never gotten around to playing, because I don't have a proper controller (and I cant just use a keyboard, because I'm some sort of purest or something). And I just finished a major project on one of my arcade cabinets (write-up soon to follow), which left me with a bunch of extra arcade buttons. So I might as well make something.

I started with a project box, drew a simple little layout, drilled some holes, and mounted the buttons.
(its not pretty, but it works)

Then wired it all up.

 And threw together some code.

Check it out on my GitHub for more: bemani_controller

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